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BBQ-Spice South Texas Style 1

BBQ-Spice South Texas Style

The South Texas BBQ Spice is similar to the BBQ Spice except it contains Chili Pepper, Mesquite Chartone (granular mesquite flavoring), and a higher content of red pepper. 

Ingredients: Sugar, Paprika, Chili Pepper, Salt, Coriander, Celery Salt, Garlic, Monosodium
Glutamate, Cayenne Pepper, Silicon Dioxide (added to prevent caking), Sugar, Yeast Extract, Natural Smoke Flavor, Disodium Inosinate, Disodium Guanylate, Caramel Flavor, Onion, Natural Flavor & Soybean Oil

Use as a dry rub on beef, pork, poultry, goat, and lamb. Excellent as a rib rub.