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Crystals (MSG) 1

Crystals (MSG)

MSG has garnered good and bad attention over the years.  MSG is found naturally in fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and is a derivative of corn.  It is also found in many foods from cheeses to soy sauce.  It is a sodium salt of glutamic acid and a naturally occuring amino acid.

MSG reacts with the saliva in your mouth to 'amplify' the flavors of the foods being eaten.  Studies show it has been known to cause headaches.  It is a major ingredient in Oriental cooking.  The latest research shows MSG may 'trick' the body into feeling hungry.  MSG is regulated by the FDA.  Most people have no problem ingesting MSG.  If you are prone to the symptoms and side effects, simply try to avoid it.

Ingredients: 99+% Pure Monosodium Glutamate