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Miracle Dip

Replaces milk and eggs for breading!!!

Easy to Mix! Miracle Dip is designed to mix with water. Perfect for Chicken, Fish, Steak Cutlet, or any Vegetable to be breaded or battered. 

COST CONTROL - Miracle Dip has approximately 1/3 of the cost of a milk and egg solution.

QUALITY CONTROL - Miracle Dip is pre-measured for your convenience. Every batch of  Miracle Dip is consistent.

EASY TO MIX - Miracle Dip is formulated to, mix with water. Only a wire whisk and a  half-gallon of water are required.     

SAFE TO USE - Unlike Milk and Eggs, a solution of Miracle Dip and water has no increase in bacteria count after 18 hours at 80 degrees F. You can even freeze your breaded foods for use at a later time.

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